Do I need to be a professional working already in a restaurant to join the wine classes?

No. All you need to be is interested, ready to learn, and on time!

What do I need to bring?

Not much, except your happy face and a great smile. Oh, and a note pad and pen will always be helpful. Classes will include a take-home scribble page for your notes about the wines you will try.  

Do you do individual gift vouchers?

Certainly do. Let me know to whom it is for and, after payment, it can be sent via email, or post.

What if I miss my lesson? Any refunds?

I’m afraid not. Unless it’s 4 weeks prior to the class, yes. After that, due to class sizes and the careful planning put into each class, there will be no refunds. However, you may postpone the date, and join us another time instead.


Do you book artists for events?

Yes. If you have a group and are ready to perform, get in touch. National and international tours can also be taken care of. A link to a professional social media site will be enough to give an impression.

What’s your background in Wine?

Apart from living on a vineyard for over 15 years, I began to get seriously into the industry as a restaurant manager and wine marketer for my family’s wine business. Volunteering at the local wine events and shows, I really received a great insight into the wine industry as a whole - growing vines, harvesting, restaurants, festivals, events, tasting, judging, international trade shows (Hong Kong, Tokyo). I’ve been extensively involved in just about every aspect of the industry. I love my local wine region, and the industry as a whole so much, I even wrote a book about it! Come along to the classes, and lets talk about it!