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Having trouble selling wine? Is your wine list outdated? Do your service staff need a quick refresher?

TVP offers a series of fun and memorable wine consulting services for restaurants, hotels, clubs and retailers to maximise wine sales and enhance service professionalism.

F&B Training Program

Our F&B training programmes in wine services aims at bringing a higher level of confidence in wine serving and an enhanced perspective in food and wine for floor staff, at all levels.


  • connects service staff between wine knowledge and wine sales

  • improves staff competence

  • impress guests with service staff who are knowledgeable and confident in recommending wine from the wine list

  • adds new dimensions to guests’ dining and wine experience

  • enhances overall service through wine serving, ultimately generating higher profits


Introduction to Wine (2 hours), min 5 participants - INDUSTRY ONLY

TVP will come to your restaurant and run through the wines on the wine list with the staff. All the essential facts about wine, service, matching food and glassware will all be carefully explained in a fun and friendly environment. No need to feel intimated - it’s simple and informative, so no prior knowledge is necessary!


COMPREHENSIVE WINE education and staff training (4 hours), min 5 participants - INDUSTRY ONLY

Running through the practical elements of a waiter’s job, this in depth session will take a look at the necessary duties required, giving a greater understanding of the methods behind the madness. It’s a great beginners course for those fresh to the industry, or for a team-building exercise to help your staff work closer together. The service of wines and recommending food matching will also be the focus.


WINE APPRECIATION CLASSES - 2 hours, min 10 participants $50pp. everyone welcome

Come and join in all the fun at a 2 hour wine tasting session! I provide knowledgeable tastings and courses where we touch upon the territorial and regional history and geography, recognisable in the glass, identifiable on the palate. Can you think of a better way to be trying to learn something very serious as you concentrate hard on the delightful flavours of various different wines that splash down your throat? This is a wine class for beginners, for those who just want to know a little bit more than the obvious - this is a red wine, and this is a white.